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Machine Design Ltd was established in 1994
Initially the company started with engineering machinery repair and manufacturing of parts. Since 1996 the company specializes in production of iron castings, primarily for the machine-building industry.

We built a comprehensive, complete production cycle - from production and model of equipment to the casting of high-tech Body parts, with the possibility of controlling the chemical composition. Thus, the higher criteria adequately serve our customers who export their products in EU countries.
Over the years the company increased production speed, expanding its product range and castings for household / benches, lamp pilars , anti-parking posts, grates, covers and many more.

Today the company produces castings in its two foundries, each of which has the necessary equipment and qualified personnel for all main and auxiliary activities.
In 2008 Machine Design Ltd has produced about 2000 tons cast iron and has a staff of 70 people.


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