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With our experience and flexibility we are positioned in a stable segment of the market serving clients with small to mid-serial production.
 We produce more than 8 000 species of gray cast iron parts CCH CCH 30 and 20 and details of ductile iron in the whole range.

1. Body parts up to 1000 kilograms for lathes C11, C13, C8, SU 360, SU535, SU575, SU582, SU682, SU802, SU502, MS032 processing centers, universal mills  FU250, FU350, drills and more.
- Gearboxes
- Bodies of lathes - in 1000 and 1500 millimeters
- Support boxes
- Handing boxes
- Hulls of electrical motors

2. Complicated castings without core
- Bridges for lathes
- Guides for lathes
- BLANKS of gears
-Belt wheels
 and many others


3. Castings for household
- Feet of garden benches,
 - Legs for tables
- Anti-parking posts
- Columns for Garden Lighting
- Grates for boilers
- Grids
- Parts for fireplaces

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